Open Book Blog Hop – Behind the Scenes

Here is some interesting insight into one author’s routine.

Stevie Turner

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This week on the Open Book Blog Hop I’m taking you behind the scenes so that you can find out how the writing game gets done in my world.

Writing blogs, short stories and novels now does not take up all my time as it once did.  As much as I loathe marketing I realised about a year and a half ago that I needed to devote more time to that old chestnut ‘The author platform’.  Building aforesaid platform involves checking and commenting on various social media several times per day, along with entering writing contests, seeking reviewers, putting samples of writing up on suitable websites, working on my monthly newsletter, contacting publishers, and replying to comments made on my blogs.  All this and making sure I do enough exercise takes up most of my mornings, although I do try and find time for creative writing in the afternoons.  I am working on…

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