Reviews Are The Lifeblood of Authors


As many authors will attest, reviews are one of the most important gifts that readers can bestow upon us. Yes, buying our books is a great thing, but giving us feedback about the books that you’ve read is much more important.

When I buy products on Amazon, because I can’t see or feel the product beforehand, I relay on reviews from other people that have purchased the product to guide me in my purchase. This is true of books.

Reviews also help authors get recognition from Amazon and other venues. They help with ranking and placement in ads.

Your reviews don’t have to be essay’s. You can simply select the number of stars as a rating and leave one or two words. Of course, the more constructive feedback you give, the better it is for the author. We always want to improve our product for future readers.

Recently, I did a sale on my new book, Blood OrangeThe response was great. I’m asking now, if you took advantage of the sale and you were one of the many people that downloaded it, please leave an honest review when you’re done. I have the same plea for my other work.

Your feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated.

14 thoughts on “Reviews Are The Lifeblood of Authors

  1. I’ve wholeheartedly believe in this and have made a conscious effort to rate/review especially on Amazon. My Goodreads reviews are already being shared on Facebook and I just added my blog to it for future reviews, although I don’t have a big following yet. Good post!

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  2. Great post! I review almost everything I purchase because I rely so heavily on other reviews before I buy a product. It is extremely important, helps so much and doesn’t take much time. Congratulations on the ’50’ mark. I’m still working toward the ’20’ mark!

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  3. I would be very interested to get a review of my book. But I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t sometimes reviews by word of mouth can be just as valuable as published ones. Any thoughts on that would be welcome.

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    • Word of mouth reviews in combination with written reviews are a great combination. When you reach a certain threshold of reviews on Amazon, they begin to promote your book somewhat. That is very helpful.


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