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The Captain's Speech

1. The new dance known as “the dab” is all the rage these days. However, it’s not new at all. We’ve just always referred to it as “sneezing into your sleeve”. The youth of today have no manners, I guess.

2. I thought I would be able to type out this blog post while listening to Season 2, Episode   7 of Serial. I was wrong. Sorry, Sarah Koenig. I’ll be back later.

3. The presidential election in the United States is hilarious. Almost every candidate reminds me of gum under my shoe.

4. Waffles for dinner is completely acceptable.

5. Murder, She Wrote needs to make a comeback! Jessica Fletcher was the best. All she wanted to do was write novels with her typewriter, but no! There’s been yet another murder in Cabot Cove and Amos Tupper can’t figure out who did it! I loved that show too much.

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