The importance of goals in the highly subjective world of writing #amwriting

Here is a very insightful post on writing. Enjoy.

The Writing Chimp

I have recently been tucking into Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience . As you might expect from the title, the point of the book is to develop an understanding of what makes a happy, fulfilled life. I love reading psychology in all shapes and forms, and I have really enjoyed this book.

One of the things it discusses early on is the importance of enjoying the journey of life, and not allowing ourselves to forever focus on some dim and distant goal. Some people find this easier than others. I know plenty of people who live in the moment, and spend very little time worrying about tomorrow, the future, or illusive distant goals. I also know plenty of people who spend all their time focusing on a single future goal, such that they forget to enjoy where they are.

I guess the whole point of ‘flow’ is finding a happy balance. But that’s…

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