Learning from Twain

Great post about a great author. Enjoy.

Writing Is Hard Work

Samuel Clemens.

Currently my students are reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a novel fraught with controversy, yet a novel with a message of hope.  My students are slowly getting into it as I allow them to record their favorite phrases from the novel on the board as we go through the novel.

We are not reading it out loud, but students are reading silently and answering some deep thinking questions about the novel that I have written for them.  They have to respond thoughtfully, yet the biggest problem I have is that they absolutely hate reading.  This fact is a subject of another blog post, however.

I teach Huck Finn periodically, and like all great literature I usually find something new within its pages each time.  This time I found something quite extraordinary, as if Twain were reaching out of the past and teaching me something about writing.

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