When a Story Idea Doesn’t Quite Work Out

This is so true. It’s not a good feeling when you get to the middle of a story and you start to hate it. Great post.


neuronsTHIS IS MORE within the realms of short story writing, but can apply to novels too. Sometimes I have a great idea for a story, one of those thunderbolts that gets me excited to put fingers to keyboard, you know the ones? – where you think of a beautiful twist and the story is there, like a movie in the mind, from start to finish.

Ocassionally, that story pours out in a frenzied session of laptop abuse, leaving me entirely satisfied with the end result. Quite frequently though, that doesn’t happen. I can’t explain it. I doubt a room full of scientists would be able to elucidate it, beyond registering some neurons firing on a screen and scratching their heads. For whatever reason, that essential skeleton that the story needs to hang from is there; the plot, the twist, but, the end result is Frankesnteinian, with skin hanging loosely, body…

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