Under pressure

As the dad of a seven year old, I can definitely relate to this. Try the test and see how you do.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Simon at A Certain Measure of Perfection posted this link to the UK National Year 2 Grammar Test. Click through and take the test we are asking our seven year olds to be able to complete. Expecting it to be a breeze, I failed abysmally, with only 68%.

Source: Can You Beat a 7 year old at Grammar?

Half of the tenses and some of the grammatical terms I had never even heard of in English classes, only when learning French… yet English was always one of my best subjects at school. My memory is pretty good too, so I’m fairly certain they were never referred to at all. In fact, I am fairly certain that an understanding of anything other than the basics of spelling, punctuation and the difference between noun, verb and adjective was not even approached until we were in our teens, when the subject was divided into…

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