Independent Publishers – Outsource Your Marketing to Save Yourself Time

Wow, I have gone back and forth on this one since I posted this last year. I have since started a street team and have taken a lot of my marketing inhouse. Techniques that worked in Facebook last year don’t work as well anymore as the platform is on a quest to get you to pay for ads. Anyway, much of this advice is still valid.

Author Don Massenzio

One of the recurring themes in my blog is the time-consuming nature of marketing your book if you are an independently-published author. You’ve heard me talk about my day job, time management, and producing more ‘product’. You might ask, where does marketing and PR come in when trying to increase exposure for your book.

This is the one aspect of independent publishing where I turned to a professional for help.  As an independent author, I had no difficulty navigating Amazon, Create Space, and Barnes and Noble to publish print and e-book versions of my book. I had an editor, beta readers, and a cover designer. What I didn’t have is market research to tell me things that I needed to know and to help me build my network. The collective knowledge of a marketing professional that handles many authors can be a huge help. Here are some of the areas…

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